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 Make $65-$125 Per Hour...   In a Legitimate Home Based Business


My first client paid me $165 for 2 hours of my time, and he was happy to do so.


     Some time ago, I decided to start getting paid for doing something that I had been doing for free for many years for friends and family members.  Before I officially started my business, I spoke to a number of people across the country to find out what they are being paid to do for what I’m doing. Depending upon geographic locations, their fees range from $65-$125 per hour.  I will show you how to do the same with my new book.



Need For a Daily Money Manager

Many people cannot manage their own personal finances because of disability, physical and mental difficulties associated with aging, lack of financial knowledge or experience, limited time, or other reasons too numerous to mention.

As the population has aged, as people have more obligations and less time, as financial matters have become more and more complex, as the mound of accompanying paperwork has grown, the need for professional Daily Money Managers has exploded.

Functions of a Daily Money Manager

Daily Money Managers are not intended to function as replacements for accountants, attorneys, or investments advisers. Rather, they perform a wide range of tasks for their clients on a daily basis that assist these other professionals in their respective areas.

Daily Money Managers can offer their clients a broad spectrum of services including among others: organizing and maintaining financial files and records, paying bills promptly and on time, maintaining and reconciling checking accounts with monthly bank statements, monitoring medical and other insurance claims to assure that the client receives the full benefits to which they are entitled. Daily Money Managers perform these and other functions to protect and safeguard their client’s assets and financial interests.

Who Can Become a Daily Money Manager?

There are a large and growing number of people who have health issues, are incapacitated, or lack the knowledge, time or experience to manage their own personal finances. These people are desperately in need of Daily Money Management, and in steadily increasing numbers, they have been seeking out the services of a Daily Money Manager to take charge of their financial affairs.

If you have life experience in managing your own finances and are scrupulous and honest in your dealings with others, you too can perform this much-needed service of a Daily Money Manager for other people and can be paid very well for your time.

In these tough economic times, many companies are outsourcing their work to other countries where labor is cheaper; or they are simply laying off people to reduce their overhead. Whichever way they do it… the result is the same. More and more people are finding themselves without a job. You may be one of these people who has found it increasingly difficult to find a new position in this shrinking and difficult job market.

Ask yourself this question: Do I want to continue to work for someone else, always subject to the Boss’s whim and never knowing if my future is secure? Or on the other hand, do I want to build a business of my own? You can take control of your life and become a Daily Money Manager without making a large capital investment and without having to obtain special graduate degrees to conduct your business.

My program will give you the necessary tools to start performing the services of a Daily Money Manager and will enable you to earn fees of $65-$125 per hour.

If you want to become a respected professional in an industry that is both relatively young and ever expanding to meet the continually growing need, then you owe it to yourself to look at my program.

My Daily Money Manager Course Book

I put together a detailed, but easy to follow, program on how to become a Daily Money Manager. My offering is not just a “How to Do It” book. My book is in essence an entire course, much like a course you would find in a college curriculum. It spells out in detail what it takes to do this business and to be successful at it. It gives you specific sources of referrals, ideas and methods of promoting yourself and the services you provide, and an outline of things to do in order to establish your activities as a legitimate ongoing business, and many more tips to help you succeed. My course is laid out in easy to understand language, and you can use it to launch a lucrative business right from the comfort of your home. You do not have to attend classes, do homework, or take exams. You can study my course at your own pace without the pressure of deadlines. No one will judge or grade you on your performance. Instead, you will be encouraged to continue to learn more about doing a business that enables you to create a career that can result in a lifetime of security.

People spend thousands of dollars on tuition and books to learn a trade and establish a new career. My course is available at a reasonably low price, so you do not have to spend a great deal of money to learn how to be successful in this business.

The best part is…. this business will not become obsolete and fade away because of advances in technology. Quite the reverse, technological advances will help make the Daily Money Management business easier to do. The need for services that you can provide as a Daily Money Manager is exploding, while at the same time, the number of people doing this business across the country is wholly inadequate to take care of the steadily increasing demand.

You can be your own boss, set your own hours, and build your business to whatever level of success you would like it to be. It does not matter what part of the country you live in….there are people all over the country who will need your services. It is a common occurrence to hear from clients that, upon starting with a Daily Money Manager, they could not imagine how they ever got along without him/her.

Can you imagine conducting a business with virtually no large investment, no inventory, no overhead, and no upsetting pressure? How would you like to be regarded as a professional in this field and get ongoing support from a national organization (the American Association of Daily Money Managers,) which is recognized for its high ethical standards and is willing to promote you and your business?

About the Author and His Financial Background

Herb Simonoff is the President/CEO of Hasma, Inc., a Daily Money Management Company

Herb was born and raised in New York City. During his adulthood, Herb spent 33 years designing, building, and operating a large electronics business in New York and New Jersey. In addition to the financial side of running a sizable business operation, Herb honed his skills in the art of interpersonal relationships through a lifetime of negotiating with suppliers, purchasing merchandise, paying bills in a timely manner, and managing a staff of employees.

After handling the personal financial affairs of family members and friends for many years, Herb formed HASMA, Inc., a Daily Money Management company to provide an essential service to those people who want a competent, highly experienced, caring, and honorable professional to look out for and safeguard their financial interests. Herb works with people who have difficulty in managing their own money, paying their bills on time, organizing their records, and curtailing their spending and debt accumulation. Herb’s clients include the elderly, those who lack the knowledge of financial matters as well as busy people who do not have the time to take care of their financial affairs by themselves.

Herb’s professional affiliations include membership in the highly respected national organization, the American Association of Daily Money Managers. As an active member of this Association, he has pledged to conduct his business according to their very strict Code of Ethics. He is also a charter member of the National Eldercare Matters Alliance. (See http://www.ElderCareMatters.com as a source for elder care experts and information about a wide range of elder care matters.)


With my program you will learn the following:

  • How to start you own DMM business

  • How to market your business and get clients

  • How to prepare a Service Agreement

  • Ethical considerations with respect to your DMM business

  • The scope of services that you can provide to your clients

  • How to put a person’s financial house in order so that they are unscathed by emergencies or disasters

  • Billing practices and setting fees for your services

  • And many more important things to be successful in this business 

I personally interviewed many professionals in related fields and spoke to them regarding the possibility of referring clients to them and receiving referrals from them.  You will be surprised at the positive reception you get from professionals in allied fields who will be happy to work with you. They all recognize that an affiliation with you gives them the benefit  of added value to their practices.


Over time, I compiled a list of assorted professionals from whom I could rely upon for a steady stream of clients.  This is something you could do as well.  In my program, you will have an opportunity to read comments of what some of those professionals said concerning the services I perform in my business.


I can only tell you of the experiences I’ve had with some of them.  Once they’ve gotten to know me, they felt very comfortable referring clients to me.


A Preview of the Contents Section of my Course… 

  • Identifying Potential Clients

  • Providing Assistance

  • Credibility, Integrity and Honesty

  • How Will You Come Across?

  • How Do People Get To Know You and What You Are Doing?

  • Tips For Marketing You Business

  • Using Other Professionals as A Source For Clients

  • Statements From Various Professionals Who Could Refer Clients

  • What To Do At The Initial Meeting With A Potential Client

  • Service Agreements

  • How Much To Charge and When To Get Paid

  • What To Do At Your First Meeting With Your New Client

  • Services You Might Offer To Clients

  • Adhering To Ethics

  • Dealing With Disasters Before They Happen

  • Protection and Defense Against Accusations of Wrongdoing

  • Conclusion

  • Appendix That Includes Sample Forms and Reference Sources







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